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Mobile application software and game development


Gate Guardian

Crystal-clear visuals for a visual delight
customizable team compositions
exhilarating skill effects
a wide variety of summonable pets
a straightforward user interface
come and lead your team to conquer the battlefield with your friends!


World of Tanks

The fate of the world will be entrusted to the player as the commander! Become the leader of the tank squad and lead the cute girls to success!
We will never let down the expectations of war enthusiasts, filled with elements of warfare and competition. You can enjoy playing even when you have some free time.
With over 300 types of weapons and more than 300 real-life-inspired girly commanders making their appearances one by one.
An epic and adorable war awaits you.

Real Horse Racing

Raise the most powerful racehorses and claim first place in the top-level races.
With tall and diverse pedigreed horses, they grow day by day under the guidance of charming young ladies.
Choose from various battle modes and secure your rank in the competitions.

Jump Match

An educational game for curious children aged 1 to 6.
Different animals, different appearances, different sounds - can you tell them apart?
With over 3000 types of animals, from prehistoric dinosaurs to those living with us today, when you correctly match their bodies, they will introduce themselves to you in English.



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