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System design and maintenance examples

Network Design/Construction/Operation for a Specific University
・Internal Equipment Management (Network, PCs, Development Equipment, and Other Fixed Assets)
・Internal Technical Support (Hardware and Software)
・External DNS Server Management
・Internal Network and Server Design, Operation, and Management
・Migration Services (Network and Server Migration, Design)
・Pivot Establishment (Migration and Design of Network and Servers at 10 locations in Japan, Setup of PC Classrooms - Configuration, Operation,
Maintenance, and Changes for approximately 800 PCs)

Technologies Used
OS:Windows、Linux、FreeBSD    Used Network Machines/Servers/Tools:
CISCO products、WindowsNT4.0、2003、DNS/DHCP、IAS/AD/FreeRADIUS、bind、Apache、Samba

Internal System Design, Network Design/Construction/Operation, and Server Operation for a Specific Telecommunications Company
・Internal Equipment Management (Network, PCs, Development Machines, and Other Fixed Assets)
・Management of External Web, Email, and DNS Servers
・Server Management and Support for Mobile Devices
・Support for Online Game Customer Service Team (Resolving Server Issues, Analyzing Logs)
・Support for Development Team (Solutions for Configuration Management Issues in Home Game Development Software)
※Learning Machine, PS2, Handheld, XBOX

Technologies Used
Development language:Apache、Postfix、bind、 Samba、JavaServert、Perl/PHP
DB:Sybase MySQL Oracle

System Development and Construction for a Manufacturing Industry

・Internal Server Management System (Web and DNS Servers)
・Supervision and Training of Dispatched Employees
・Development of Contract and Dispatched Business Systems (OS, DB Import)
・Construction of Customer Service System for Employee Dispatch in Telecommunications Companies

Technologies Used
OS:Windows 95/98 NT、Linux、AIX、Solaris、HP-UX、WindowsNTSrv
Network Machines/Servers/Tools Used:
Apache bind、Lotus Notes

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